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  • Beetroot Salad
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  • Hummus Bil Lahme
Welcome to the epitome of Lebanese cuisine, where every sumptuous bite unravels a smorgasbord of tantalizing flavours and textures as vividly varied as our culture. Infused with traditions of eras gone by offering an authentic experience, our dishes are not just a combination of whimsical ingredients thrown in together; they are works of art, as elaborate and vibrant as the finest Picasso out there. Behind-the-scenes though, we seem to have a lot more in common with Willy Wonka’s famous factory!

A group of passionate, eccentric culinary aficionados or food enthusiasts depending on how you want to see us, each of us are deeply committed to presenting you with the best in contemporary Lebanese fare. The wide spectrum of colours and flavours are a labour of love, from the countless hours spent perfecting and crafting our menu. We want to help you discover and re-discover the glory of our culinary roots, whether you’re a local or tourist, young or old. With a sumptuous selection of the region’s finest concoctions on offer, we’re proud to represent the essence of contemporary Middle-Eastern gastronomy. NAY blends international and local influences, resulting in exceptional and innovative creations which characterizes who we are: a new age in culinary art.

Dive headfirst into our Starters, featuring soups, salads and cold/ hot mezzeh (snacks). Dig into a hearty beetroot salad or opt for a Traditional Lentil Soup packed with wholesome goodness if you’re looking for something particularly healthy. Feeling carnivorous? Try the Freekeh Shorba. Pair it with our Freekeh Roasted Green Durum Salad, featuring fava beans, capsicum, mint, pistachio and pomegranate. Or the NAY Special Salad’s on offer, along with Fattouch and tangy Tabbouleh.

We’ve also got some of the Middle-East’s famous hummus, to which we give our own spin for the NAY Hummus. Our version is made up of chickpeas, pesto sauce, pine nuts, and basil infused olive oil, remaining true to our style: Lebanese cuisine with a ‘twist’!

Plus, with the likes of Baba Ghanoush, Berghoul Bel Banadoura, Mousakaa, Hummus Bil Lahme, Chicken Osmalieh, Makanek and Cheese Katayef starring in our menu, whether you’re a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, there’s something for everyone here at NAY – Lebanese Restaurant.

Our mains offer supremely succulent selections, and not only include juicy, mouthwatering Mixed Grills, Chicken/ Beef Shawarmas, Lamb Chops and Beef Kebabs, but also fruits from the ocean such as Charred Tiger Prawns and Samkeh Harra.


NAY Lebanese Cuisine

Dine at NAY restaurant and experience authentic Lebanese cuisine with a “twist” while enjoying a laid-back ambience at the terrace.



  • NAY, Somewhere Hotel Barsha Heights
    Al Thanayah – 1, Barsha Heights, Dubai, UAE
  • +971 4 561 0600
  • Operating Hours – 11:00am to 11:30pm