There are few things in life that can help uplift your mood even if for a brief moment, and some of these include good friends, good conversation, an adventure and good food. NAY Restaurant is all of those things, a premier Arabic restaurant in Dubai that has long held and established a love for traditional Lebanese cuisine in particular. We continue to develop and enhance it along the way, ensuring we uphold our own tradition of crafting dishes ‘with a twist’. This has in turn allowed us to offer our customers a dining experience that’s second to none, delivering the best at every point.

With that, here are some of the most popular reasons as to why NAY Restaurant has been everyone’s premier choice in Dubai. From families to couples, friends and singles, people from all walks of life have joined us on many occasions. Will you be dropping by next?


We understand only too well the central role a menu plays in a restaurant, and how important it is in this setting. We want our customers to feel right at home from the moment they open the first page, and we’ve therefore spent a lot of time singling out and including specific dishes. We also work closely with our chefs on a regular basis, so we can look at which dishes to improve on and what else we could introduce in time to come.


Another area we’re uncompromising on is the freshness of our food, and the safety of our premises. This also includes hygiene. Our restaurant is kept clean and tidy consistently, and our staff is trained to handle all tasks as effectively and efficiently as possible. If you have an emergency at the premises, we’ll do everything we can to assist you to the best of our ability. Additionally, all our food is made with the freshest ingredients, sourced from equally safe suppliers.


If there’s one thing that’s important when offering food that’s unique to an area, it is authenticity, and when you do it ‘with a twist’ like we do, one must be careful to retain that authenticity at all times. Hence as a Lebanese restaurant in Dubai, our aim is to remain wholly immersed in the roots of tradition, whilst diversifying and exploring other realms of Lebanese cuisine.