NAY Restaurant welcomes the Holy Month with a special menu and buffet of culinary discoveries inspired by the true spirit of Ramadan. NAY’s Moroccan themed night offers a rich spread of traditional yet contemporary specialties promising guests fond memories and great food when breaking fast.

The set menu for Moroccan themed nights will begin on 15th and again on 30th of May and will be featured in the month of June on the 4th, 9th and 14th.

Guests are welcome to break Iftar with traditional Ramadan beverages of Jallab, Laban Ayran and Qamar Al-Din. There’s an assorted selection of Arabic bread with delicious Moroccan Lamb Harira Soupc, cold mezzeh and a salad buffet.

There is a salad bar station where you can treat yourself to Romaine Lettuce, Arugula Leaves, Mix Lettuce, Red Beans, Wedges Tomato, Boiled Egg, Sliced Cucumber along with Carrot, Feta Cheese, Sweet Corn, Boiled Chickpeas and Beetroot. Guests can also choose from a broad menu of healthy salad options and assorted dressing like Balsamic Dressing, Pomegranate Dressing and Caesar Dressing.

There’s a live cooking station for guests to witness carving and Lamb Ouzi, along with Lamb Sausage, Spicy Sauce and Condiments.

The main course is a rich spread of Saffron Rice, Beef Tagine Bell Barkok, Moroccan Chicken Stew and Fish Chermoula with Pancake Potato Tae Joon and Vegetable Tagine with Couscous. You can top off the night with mouthwatering desserts of Assorted Arabic Baklava, Qatayef Bel Joz, Strawberry Muhallabia, Traditional Um Ali, Basbousa and sliced fruit display.

If you are living outside of your country and looking to reminisce during Ramadan and enjoy Lebanese cuisine in Dubai, NAY will welcome you to its delightful atmosphere. Lebanese cuisine brings out the true meaning of sharing and an age-old tradition of warm hospitality. The chef puts together these culinary delicacies with love and care and integrates culture with a touch of nostalgia.

There’s great variety in Lebanese cuisine in Dubai as it is made from the freshest and finest local ingredients. The dishes will contain generous amounts of olive oil, garlic and essential flavours and spices to keep your taste buds sizzling.

You may be a local who has been eating Lebanese food for years or you may be new to the cuisine, it is safe to say that Lebanese cuisine is healthier, more delicious and authentic right here at NAY.

In a warm and comfortable setting with a time to reflect on the traditions of the Holy Month, which is specially designed to celebrate Ramadan, the Moroccan themed night is perfect to be shared and enjoyed with friends and loved ones.