Lebanese restaurant in Dubai


Now that food is an industry all of its own, there have been many different variations and takes on cultures and their cuisines over the years. Culinary experts and professionals are experimenting with interesting ingredients, trying out different things, and all in all like the rest of the world, are looking to progress and move forward in this field. Needless to say, we at NAY are also just as committed to doing the same, which we think is apparent given that our Lebanese food comes ‘with a twist’. The good kind of course! In fact, our restaurant in Barsha Heights is ideal for sampling a taste of traditional Lebanese, with a modern flair to it.


One of the things that’s essential to ensuring people not only enjoy the food in terms of taste and the variety of flavours and textures, is how that food makes them feel. Good food instills warmth, security and fills you with a satisfaction that extends beyond just your stomach, and reaches the depths of your very soul. You may easily forget the specific name of the dish, but if it’s memorable, you’ll definitely remember how it tasted and felt. This, according to us, is the mark of an unparalleled and impressionable dish. An integral part of this involves keeping traditions alive. At NAY Restaurant, we’ve included as many traditional dishes as possible, including two varieties of hummus, fattouch, tabbouleh, koftas and shawarmas amongst many others. And as an innovative Lebanese restaurant in Dubai, we’ve given each of these dishes a touch of NAY magic.


Another significant part of making sure we maintain consistency within this authenticity, is of course our wonderful team of chefs. We’ve got the best hands on deck, not just whipping up delicious treats, but also working with us one-on-one so our menu always has our clients’ favourites. They’re especially essential for putting together dining options for special occasions, like our Christmas Brunch and New Year’s Eve Buffet for instance.


We also host events, made all the better with accompaniments of food and of course shisha, not so much a novel introduction to the Middle-East, but something that has definitely gained popularity in the recent past. If you’d like to join us for our next one, you can visit our Facebook page for updates, or just call us for more information!