Lebanese cuisine in Dubai is often thought of as generous cuisine. It is a way that Lebanese people welcome you to their home and asks you to share in their meal. Lebanese culture is rich in history and tradition and extends warm hospitality through food. It is all about preparing meals through a lot of love.

If for some reason you live outside of your homeland, you are bound to miss the warmth, hospitality and sharing of meals surrounded by family. If you want to make up for that you should visit NAY Restaurant with its sizzling menu of Hummus which contains a refreshing mix of Pesto and Basil while our signature Lebanese White Cheese with Basil, Dried Mint with a fresh and zingy flavor. There’s also an assortment of breads, meat kebabs, lentil soup, salads and dips, and delicious desserts. You will feel like you never left home.

Lebanese cuisine in Dubai is prepared using the finest ingredients and contains rich flavours and spices. Traditional dishes are very healthy and exquisite at the same time. Our top chefs prepare our very own delicacies using fresh ingredients and condiments to ensure it contains maximum nutritional benefit. Most Lebanese dishes contain herbs and spices that will keep your taste buds sizzling.

Lebanese desserts are certainly worth talking about. Our restaurant offers a variety of sweets like Cheesecake, Melting Shortbread and our special dish the Lebanese Semolina Cake.

NAY is a great place to come to on weekday evenings and share mezzeh with on a fun night out in town. We have a vast and vibrant outdoor terrace with attentive staff and outstanding service. We infuse tradition and culture to a variety of dishes and as you enter the restaurant the most delightful smells will take over. Our aesthetically decorated dishes are delicious and you get to enjoy it in an atmosphere that is hard to find anywhere else.

As we honour culture and tradition for local and Lebanese families living away from home, we want your culinary experience to be something of a discovery. It is second to none and unmatched in every way, and we want you to enjoy a dining experience that reminds you of home.