We are all incredibly busy people today, and that means we are increasingly running out of time to spend on the things we would like to instead. When you’re in a race against the clock though, life becomes rather limited and restricted. Eventually, you get bored, and would like a change. So if you’re fed up of cooking on a daily basis, looking for a secondary option that could also serve as a regular option is a good plan, because of course you want the food to be as healthy as it is tasty. That is actually one of the biggest issues today. As convenient and temptingly delicious as junk food can be, it is terribly bad for you, which means that opting for that all the time isn’t the smartest idea. However, our Arabic restaurant in Dubai is changing the landscape, and with good reason too.

For starters, our ingredients are all freshly sourced, and we ensure everything is top quality before we get them in. The ingredients are also stored well, so they are not only safe and free from any damages, but will also retain their freshness and as a result the flavour of course. We only use ingredients that we have vetted 100%, therefore, equally sure of their nutrition and goodness. All of our dishes feature these ingredients, which without a doubt plays a pivotal role in the formulation of these dishes from texture to taste.

If you take a look at our menu, you’ll find that almost all the dishes resonate very close to home. And you’re not wrong. We have actually included options that have been a part of Middle-Eastern culture since the time of our ancestors; but of course, they’ve now been revamped with a touch of modern flair, allowing us to not only keep these dishes very much alive at our restaurant in Barsha Heights, but also take them to the next level.

Aside from a delicious spread that can be found here anytime, we also offer shisha in a host of flavours that make backgammon game nights and football match screenings that much more fun. Experience unparalleled hospitality and exquisite cuisine, all under one roof!