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The past weekend was a real cause for celebration for all Real Madrid fans around the globe, as their team emerged winners in the UEFA Champions League Final against Juventus. With a score of 4-1, the win was almost effortless, as Madrid put on a remarkable example of hard work and team spirit. Cristiano Ronaldo, Casemiro and Marco Asensio played vital roles in Saturday night’s game, certainly giving fans something to cheer about!

The UEFA Champions League Final successfully gave Real Madrid their 12th European Cup, thrilling supporters everywhere. What is more, it also presented Ronaldo with his 4th winners’ medal, which comes as yet another accolade to his already impressive list of feats in his football career. Additionally and most impressively, this also means that Ronaldo has scored in 3 separate Champion’s League finals. Real Madrid was undoubtedly a formidable team for Juventus that night, relentlessly pursing their goals, ensuring the opposing team was kept well out.

The atmosphere at NAY Lebanese Restaurant was, needless to say electric. We are extremely pleased and happy to have been able to welcome all of you who came, adding a strong sense of unity and sportsmanship to the mix. The evening was laced with the delicate yet unmistakable aroma of hookah wafting about, weaving its way through the crowd as they indulged in hearty conversations and delicious food. We found that our Soujouk and Cheese was one of the most in-demand choices of the night, followed closely by our signature fried chicken wings.

The indoor seating certainly for majority of visitors, where they could also have uninterrupted views of the big screen. Plus, it also allowed them to keep all of their gaming gear, and by that we mean the hookah, food and drinks of course, comfortably, so they could cheer in peace.

We look forward to hosting many more such events in NAY, bigger and better than the last each time. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, and we are always open to any suggestions and comments you might have. Our one goal is to ensure that we provide you, the customer, with a unique, inviting place to retreat to, no matter what the reason may be. We would like to thank everyone who joined us, and we hope to see you again very soon!

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